Tyler McGuckin, RVT – Hospital Manager

Tyler originally started with KMVC in July of 2004 as an assistant. He grew up in South Lake Tahoe, where his growing intolerance of constant snow pretty much destined him for a life in Southern California. He escaped to UCSD, earning his bachelor’s degree in animal physiology and neuroscience in 2004. Tyler was a great employee, quick learning and thorough. Then in September of 2006 he was forced by circumstance to move back to Lake Tahoe. Once there, he worked at a very busy multiple doctor practice, and got his Veterinary Technician license in Nevada. Our loss was their gain, and we whined a lot when we heard. But wait, the saga continued to unfold and lo, he came back to us in April of 2007, having found the snow no less annoying and the small town pace stifling. Shortly thereafter he passed his boards and became Registered Veterinary Technician in California. Lucky us, and no more whining! He is now our lead technician and no one cares more about the little beings under their care than he. In 2015 Tyler became our new hospital manager.

He lives with his two cats Phoenix and Sphinx and he couldn’t be happier. A technophile, Tyler understands computers, MP3 players, and anything digital and is willing to share his knowledge freely with the rest of us. / tyler.m@kmvet.com

Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center, KMVC, veterinary, vet, clinic, pet, dog, cat, San Diego, groom, grooming, kitten, puppy, AAHABruce Lim, RVT

Bruce was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in El Cajon, California. He graduated from Grossmont Community College with an Associates of Arts and Mesa Community College with an Associate of Science. He majored in Animal Health Technology. He has volunteered at Animal Medical Center and Pet Emergency Specialty Center. He has also worked for VCA Grossmont as a technician for about two and a half years. He joined our team in July 2009, and is now a Registered Veterinarian Technician. He not only has a love for animals but for electronics, computers, anime, cartoons and Disney. He has played online games for years and loves it. He has an adorable schnauzer mix named Pocky, who looks like a miniature wolfhound. / bruce.l@kmvet.com

Charlotte Flam

Charlotte was born and raised in San Diego and always had a deep love of animals. After studying at UC Santa Cruz she was eventually able to start off her animal career, putting in all her effort into caring for various kittens and puppies. She was often the one fostering kittens that were too young to go to homes, or caring over night for sick puppies that needed extra TLC. From knowing Dr. Marvil through her work he took notice of her unwavering devotion to animals and offered her the opportunity to join us here at KMVC. She is overjoyed to be here and continues learning all she can in the veterinary field. She is now our current cat lady, having a special fondness and way with our feline patients. Her own kitties thankfully put up with her array of foster kittens that come to her home. She is also our first graduate of the CVMA assistant program. / charlotte.f@kmvet.com

Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center, KMVC, veterinary, vet, clinic, pet, dog, cat, San Diego, groom, grooming, kitten, puppy, AAHAShana Ross

Shana is an enthusiastic technician/receptionist and a graduate of the PIMA Medical Institute’s veterinary assistant program. She hopes to one day get her RVT license and even own her own rescue. She has a pet family of 2 dogs, 1 cat and an iguana. The dogs are Dalila and Lightning. The cat is Vader and the iguana is Draxx. We all appreciate her bubbly nature and willingness to help both in the back and up front with the receptionists. / shana.r@kmvet.com


Georgia RealGeorgia

Georgia was born and grew up in sunny San Diego. She has loved animals and nature since she was a little girl, always having been especially fond of marine life, and recently graduated from UCSD, where she got a degree in Ecology. During her free time she enjoys biking, swimming, and hanging out with her adorable ragdoll cat Mimi. Georgia is still learning the ropes of the veterinary field and loves her experience so far. She hopes to learn as much as she can and grow here at KMVC! She is also a recent graduate of the CVMA assistant program! / georgia.r@kmvet.com


Michelle SannyMichelle

Michelle was born and raised in San Diego and has always had animals growing up. She graduated from the Pima Veterinary Assistant program in 2013. Currently she has one dog named Abbie. She enjoys anything outdoors, especially riding dirt bikes and going to the beach. Michelle has always had a soft spot for animals in her heart and has known all her life that she wanted to work with them. She’s very excited to start here at KMVC and continue learning everything that the vet field involves. / michelle.s@kmvet.com


Gina Ackermann, RVTGina

Gina is our newest RVT and has been enjoying her new home here at KMVC. She has a strong love of animals from the ones she meets here to the pets she has at home. She has two dogs, leopard geckos, chinchillas and a bearded dragon. Gina is also a mother of two boys who keep her busy when she’s not here. A country girl at heart, she loves big trucks and horse riding. / gina.a@kmvet.com

Cristy Cristy Luong

Cristy is a Los Angeles native who loves animals. She graduated from UCSD in 2014 with studies in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. She enjoys arts and crafts, circus arts and photography. When not helping our furry friends here she is helping out feathered friends! She volunteers at the Parrot Sanctuary in husbandry and outreach. As one of our newest technicians she is eager to get to know our clients and has a very gentle nature with all the cats and dogs. She is also a recent graduate of the CVMA assistant program! / cristy.l@kmvet.com


Daniel Shim

Daniel has been a great new addition to our front staff. His friendly personality and boundless energy really shines through. While new to the veterinary field he is quickly learning the ropes. With even more training we’re sure he’ll make an awesome technician assistant as well. When not working Daniel is a big fan of food, music and fun! / daniel.s@kmvet.com


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Shandra Decker