Our beloved hospital cat Tilly has recently lost her fight with cancer. We are all heartbroken and wish her well over the rainbow bridge. You can read about her in her bio below.


Tilly (aka Tilly-Cat, The Tills) was inherited by Dr. Marvil in 2011. Being a very loving and affectionate cat, she would constantly show her affection in her own special way; with frequent episodes of vomiting and diarrhea. She soon took up residence in the hospital while diagnostics were done to determine the cause of her much beloved bouts of GI upset. Her ornery personality shined through even to her lab work, which would frustratingly come back normal every time. From x-rays to ultrasounds, no test was too large for this cat, yet her ailment continued to allude us. A simple, yet torturous experiment was then undertaken. We decided we would only feed Tilly a strict diet of dry Purina HA, suspecting inflammatory bowel disease. And behold – success! Troubled times of vomiting and diarrhea were soon behind us, and she was ready to go back home with Dr. Marvil. However, she had become so accustomed to her small kennel area and various little corners of the hospital cat ward where she could sleep undisturbed that the decision was made to simply allow her to stay. We at KMVC now had our very own hospital cat. You can usually find her sleeping in the back meeting area during lunch. Her demands for attention in the form of old-lady meows and gentle foot touches at our legs must now constantly be met by all staff members on a daily basis, but that’s because she’s just too darn cute to ignore!

Tilly has been through a lot in her recent years. She had a very bad anal gland abscess at one point, she has been diagnosed with kidney disease and also a spinal deformity at the base of her neck. Dr. Chou has volunteered her acupuncture and Dr. Cross has been helping her with kidney diets. The rest of us pitch in with whatever we can to help with her vet bills. But most recently she has a cancerous tumor in her lower jaw that is steadily growing. We are keeping her as happy and comfortable with the time she has left with us and giving her all the wet food she wants. Please keep our little lady in your thoughts. <3