Adopt Me!

 Meet Dewey!


Dewey is a 7 year old Himalayan cat who is beautiful, affectionate, smart, healthy and declawed. Dewey is perfect in every way except one – he marks his territory. He lived in a three pet household – another male cat (his litter mate), and a standard poodle. Dewey loved them both but proceeded to mark. Dewey may need to be in a home that has no other pets to compete with, and live indoors since he has no front claws. He may or may not stop marking. He is currently staying at our hospital as there has been no shelters or rescues that will take him. We cannot provide him a permanent home here and are urging anyone who would like to give him a chance to contact us.

Dewey has been doing very well during his stay with us. He hasn’t done any inappropriate behaviors and has been extremely sweet. He gets along well with the dogs and cats here, loves being brushed and gives kisses! He may just require some extra attention since he has done no marking while here and has been fine around other animals. One of our clients tried him out with someone but unfortunately their child was allergic. We are still in urgent need of a new loving home for Dewey. Please let us know if you are interested!

**UPDATE** Dewey is going to a home! We’re all crossing our fingers it works out well. :)