Administering Subcutaneous Fluids For animals needing fluids to be given at home, this guide provides step-by-step instructions to ensure your animal receives the treatment they need.
Nebulizing Your Animal If your animal has been diagnosed with pneumonia and has been prescribed a nebulizer for home treatment, this guide will walk you through every step of this process. This may seem daunting at first, but is ultimately very simple.
Companion Animal Parasite Council The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) is an independent council of veterinarians and other animal health care professionals established to create guidelines for the optimal control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets and people. This is your one-stop shopping site for all things diabetic! Educational information for all aspects of diabetes care: Basic and advanced diabetes concepts, medications, complications, home care and monitoring, vet relationships, and other diseases your diabetic pet might have. There are also resources for additional information and support.
AAHA Pet Owners  The official website of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). You can count on AAHA for accurate, up-to-date, and entertaining information.
The American Kennel Club (AKC) Visit the official website of the AKC to learn about dog breeds, life with dogs, dog events and more!
The Cat Fanciers’ Association The world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats. Visit this site to get information about cat hows, cat breeds, and cat care, along with a showcase of top-winning cats.
The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is the premier animal-oriented poison control center in North America. supports your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world’s first and largest online veterinary database and community.
All Pets Dental Veterinary dentistry information from All Pets Dental Clinic in Weston, Florida. Includes The Veterinary Dental Encyclopedia.
American Veterinary Dental College: Dental Scaling Without Anesthesia The AVDC explains the issues of anesthetic free dental scaling.
The Catalyst Council An excellent site regarding cat care.
Habitat Haven Outdoor enclosures that provide a safe way for pets to go outside.
Pet Microchip Lookup Find a lost pet with a microchip? Look up the number here and find their home!
Indoor Pet Initiative The Indoor Pet Initative offers some excellent information on keeping your indoor pets happy and healthy. Primarily focused on cats, it does have some dog information as well.