So you’ve got a diabetic cat…

Effective at-home care of a diabetic cat involves regular checks of blood sugar levels and blood sugar regulation by insulin therapy, dietary management, or both.  At least twice daily checks of blood sugar levels is recommended to appropriately monitor the progression of therapy, allowing for adjustments of insulin doses, and track for potential remission.  Several resources are available to help with at-home care.  These include picture and video demonstrations of glucose checks and insulin administration, blood glucose tracking, and blood glucose reporting. Diabetes is a treatable, manageable condition.


A handy spreadsheet for your home monitoring:

Diabetic Monitoring Spreadsheet

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Partners In Animal Health – Feline Diabetes:


This is your one-stop shopping site for all things diabetic! Educational information for all aspects of diabetes care: Basic and advanced diabetes concepts, medications, complications, home care and monitoring, vet relationships, and other diseases your diabetic pet might have. There are also resources for additional information and support.


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