When traveling we often prefer to take our family with us and that can include our furry friends. Depending on where you’re planning to go this can take some time to prepare for. Going out of the country can mean updating vaccines, blood tests and health certificates. Make sure you find out what your desired plane requires, as well as your destination. Some countries have strict guidelines for bringing animals across boarders. Take these steps to ensure a happy and smooth travel experience.
  • Contact the destination country for their policies on traveling with animals.
  • Contact the airline to know if they will allow your pet and what paperwork and carrier size they require.
  • Don’t want to ship your pet in the cargo area? Try PetAirways. (limited available cities at this time)
  • Make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your pet checked beforehand and give them advance notice of the paperwork you’ll need.
  • Does your pet stress or get anxious with travel? Talk to your vet regarding sedation and if it’s right for you.
  • Does your pet take medication? Make sure you have enough on hand for your trip.
  • Plan for the temperature when your traveling.  If it’s too hot or too cold they might not be able to fly.
  • Is your pet microchipped? This is often necessary when traveling.
  • Some places have a higher risk of certain parasites. Are you guarded against Heartworm? Fleas? Check what’s there!
  • Have an emergency plan if something happens to your pet while in a new place. Research clinics at your destination.
More questions? Check out the USDA for the most current list of animal regulations.


Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net